Travel in the EU – App Review

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Amanda is back with a review of Re-open EU – your guide to safe travel in the European Union as pandemic restrictions ease.

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This Re-Open EU app will help you plan your travel in Europe, while staying safe and healthy. Before you plan your travel or if you have something booked over the next while, you can check the safe travel conditions in the country of your destination, or review your cancellation policy, in case the country or region of destination have travel restrictions or quarantine requirements that may make it difficult for you to travel there.

The free app allows people to browse country-specific information if you don’t have a Digital COVID Certificate, as well as the latest updates and advice for each EU Member State and the EEA through an interactive map. The information is updated frequently so it is important to check back regularly for updates.

By clicking on the respective icons, it gives information on international, national and regional transport links that will enable you to anticipate or ascertain the details of your transit journey and entire route to destination. It also provides information on the state of tourism facilities and operations in each EU country.

The Re-Open EU website and app Re-Open EU (, available in 24 languages, provides information on the various measures in place, including on quarantine and testing requirements for travellers.

EU Member States have agreed on a coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes a colour code for the classification of regions, based on the epidemiological situation there. The app offers real-time information covering transport, public health and tourism, as provided by Member States and supplemented by data from European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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