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Welcome to Amanda’s third fabulous podcast! This week it’s a 60-second interview with start exam teacher, Eugene “Bhoy” McElhinney.


Welcome to my third podcast!page1image51031104

Today we have a totally awkward random 60 second interview with one of our Emerald teachers. Today’s teacher is Eugene.

Welcome Eugene.

E : Hello

So Eugene, The idea is that you have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible in that time, are you ready for the challenge?

E : yep

OK let’s go, I’m setting the timer now and here’s the first question:

  1. So, Eugene where are you originally from?
    E : I’m from a town called Clydebank which is on the West coast of Scotland
  2. And how long have you been working in Emerald? E : Since July 2006
    A : Ooh long time
  3. Do you have any pets?
    E : Yes we have three rescue dogs and three rescue cats
    A : Amazing
    If you hadn’t been a teacher, what would you have done?
    E : EHM….I would have liked….I enjoy singing…I would have liked to have been a recording artist singing, in an ideal world, yea
    A : oh the next Ed Sheeran
  4. Where would you like to go on your next holiday?
    E : Ehm for my next holiday….ehm…possibly to a hotel called Kelly’s down in Wexford which is a really comfortable place to be for a few days
  5. How many languages can you speak?
    E : I can speak five languages which sounds impressive but they are all at various levels which are even as low as……
    (Alarm rings to signal end of 60 seconds)
    A : Well done Eugene, that was great. You missed the last question which was
  6. Can you spell palaeontologist?
    E : paleontologist? p-a-l-a-e
    A:oh that’s a tricky one, you don’t have to…. E: o-n-t-o-l-o-g-i-s-t

That was great! You did really well Eugene!
E : Thanks

Well done! So now it’s the listeners’ turn, eh. set yourself 60 seconds and see if you can beat Eugene!

Thanks for joining us Eugene …

E : thank you….

A: it was lovely talking to you ….

E: you too ….

A : and thanks everyone for listening.

See you next week for another totally awkward random 60 second podcast!

E & A : Byeee

Worksheet for podcast 3:

How many different question forms can you and your partner think off. Work with your partner and write your list.

First listening
Listen and tick any of the question forms you heard that were similar to the ones on your list. Check with your partner.

Second listening
Listen again and write down as many of the questions as you heard. Check with a partner.

Teacher feedback answers onto board
Can you add any more question forms to the list?

Post listening
Interview your partner using the questions from the podcast, make any changes necessary to make them relevant for you.

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  1. It gives an idea about simple English conversation with someone. What kind of questions you can ask, what is the structure in question sentence etc. I strongly advice you to listen. 👍🏻