St Patrick’s Day Podcast Special

Patricks Day

Welcome to this very special St Patrick’s Day Podcast from Amanda!
As well as being a great listen, it is a brilliant opportunity to practice your English.

Before you listen!

Here are two questions to think about. Once you have answered the, you can listen to the podcast 🙂

  1. How often can you listen to a new podcast?
  2. What topics will be discussed?

There is a full transcript below, but first, here are you podcast exercises!

Now, were you listening??

If you got the answers right, you can go on to the next questions!

Here’s an easy quiz for St. Patrick’s Day!!

  1. Where was St. Patrick born?
  2. What did St Patrick get rid of?
    1. Dogs
    1. Butterflies
    1. Snakes
  3. What do countries around the world do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  4. What is the most popular drink in 17th March?
  5. How common are shamrocks with 4 leaves?

Now, here’s your chance to practice your writing! Just leave a comment below. Tell me about your experience of Ireland or St Patrick’s Day. I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening and Happy St Patricks Day to you and all your family and friends!



Welcome to my first podcast for Emerald Learn.

I will be posting one podcast every week.

Each week will feature an item about music, what’s on in the cinema, good places to eat and drink, how to improve your English, quizzes, interviews, jokes, recipes and much, much more! 

I will be interviewing students and teachers about their passions, their favourite books, food, music, films, sport and other topics. I will also have quizzes with a large variety of questions from pop culture and technology to……… whatever you like!! I will include tips on how to improve your English and there will be an area for you to leave feedback or ask questions.  There will be a pdf worksheet that you can download at the end of the podcast which your teacher will tell you more about.

So, today I am talking about St. Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick is Ireland’s national Saint and he is celebrated on 17th March every year which is a public holiday. This year we have an extra public holiday which is on 18th March and the school will be closed on both of those days. 

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world and you are probably familiar with many of the parades from the TV

This year’s Dublin St Patrick’s Day Parade starts at 12 pm on Thursday, March 17. It runs from Parnell Square, down O’Connell Street, over O’Connell Bridge and through the south side of the city, ending at St Stephen’s Green.

So let’s look at some of the facts about St. Patrick….

Fact No. 1

Many of you might think he was born in Ireland but he was in fact born in Britain. He was born in Wales but some people think he might even have been born in Scotland.

Fact No. 2

Among the legends associated with St. Patrick is that he stood on top of an Irish hill and got rid of all the  snakes from Ireland—making them all disappear into the sea!!!. In fact, research suggests that Ireland never had snakes. There are no signs of snakes in the country’s fossil record. Before that, the country was covered in ice and would have been too cold for snakes.

Fact No. 3

In 1962 Chicago in the US dyed their river green for the first time for St. Patrick’s Day and now do the same thing every year for a few hours to celebrate the day! In fact, many countries around the world celebrate the day by shining a green light on an important monument or building such as the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in India, and the Sydney Opera House in Australia

Fact No. 5 is Another interesting but probably not surprising fact about St. Patrick’s Day is that beer is the most popular drink on 17th March!

Fact No. 6

Most of you are familiar with the shamrock which has three leaves but some of them have four leaves and they are considered very lucky! However, your chance of finding one is about 1 in 10,000.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast. Please leave feedback and download the pdf.

See you next week for another Emerald Learn podcast from Amanda’s Podcasts of Awesome.

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  1. This was a very interesting podcast.
    I was surprised to learn that St. Patrick was not born in Ireland.
    I hope we all can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day greatly and have good memories.

  2. It’ll be first time for me to spend time on St Patrick’s day in Ireland but I was a little bit disappointed to hear that he isn’t original from Ireland.
    Anyway most important only one thing we must do is drinking beer.

  3. It’s a podcast about the biggest holiday in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day. I highly recommend it to students who live in Ireland because you can get some knowledge about Ireland’s history and you have enjoyable time on holiday. I can’t wait for the holiday !

  4. I’ve been so excited to spend the time on St Patrick’s day since I listened to this podcast. I recommend it particularly to anyone who is interested in the introduction of the event.

  5. It was a great podcast to learn fascinating information about St. Patrick’s Day. I’m so thank you, it is a pleasure for me to in your class and hear the same voice everday 😸😸

  6. Congratulations on the initiative, I loved the idea about the podcast and especially about the theme proposed in this first episode.

    As a suggestion, the next topic could be about travel or typical Irish foods, how about that?

    We may even reproduce these recipes one day !!! =)

    Please continue with your ideas as they add a lot to our knowledge.